Findexx LLC is a US-Registered company which owns cryptocurrency exchange known as FINDEXX.NET has launched its new flagship crypto trading platform. Findexx exchange has introduce its own marketplace for digital item tied to ERC20, BEP20 and others. This would lead to increasing popular digital-assets market and likely more competition to attract creators and investors alike. FINDEXX is one of the most secure trading platforms in the world. The company is headquartered in Singapore, central region, Singapore. The Cryptocurrency exchange Findexx.net is launching its own marketplace, where users can use five features starts with spot trading, P2P, Converter, Bundle Buy, Arbitrage . The platform is aiming to offer over 50 tradable crypto markets to its client base.


S39 token will be listed in FINDEXX.net and also used as the transaction fee and provided option for staking and minting. Beside join venturing with worldwide merchants and service providers, S39 token will be used to redeem discounts on the items discount from 5% up to 39%.


FINDEXX has its goal to build a next generation with financial freedom in the community. We are making progress to develop the global economy. We also want to create a friendly user interface with traders.


Findexx is built on Decentralized blockchain technology. It’s main token S39 also was created using Binance Smart Contract because it brings advantages such as decentralization, security transparency and lower transaction costs.