Malicious Trading Activities Warning

16 Jul 2022 - 19:19:54

Findexx have traced out several accounts which are using profit earned during the technical glitches to manipulate the trade and earned referral commission. This action is strictly prohibited and identified accounts will be monitored throughout the investigation.  Any withdrawal amount will be checked thoroughly by the technical team before released and suspicious amount will be not processed further. These account holders will be contacted by our support team and place under investigation. Any suspicious amount claimed to be generated from the trading , referral, conversion and from unknown activities which is identified by the technical team will be frozen. These account holders can continue to use the amount of their initial deposit to trade at findexx by submitting the prove of deposit to our support team.

Any action taken by Findexx is accordance with the terms and conditions as stated at our home page. You may view the conditions stated at the link